I have been interested in photography for some time and have created some beautiful photos along the way, but until recently, it was simply a hobby. I tend to photograph items from unique vantage points and/or that possess unique qualities or inherent beauty and feel would be portrayed wonderfully through photography. Something may catch my eye or I will “get a vision” of a scene and will pursue the path to have it captured. This process could stem from speaking with friends, research on the Internet or merely driving to a location based upon memory. I do not want to limit myself to a particular genre of photography as I feel it’s limiting and a work of art could escape me in the process. Some believe that a photographer should focus on one type and build a reputation by being known for that particular type. Whereas this may be true, for now, I find it too restrictive. If I am exposed to something I feel would be represented well in a photograph, and that someone else may find enjoyment in viewing it, I will take the photo.